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Caminer Law, LLC

Bridging the law & business of infrastructure

A WBE, DBE, ACDBE & BEP certified law firm

Caminer Law, LLC is a WBE, DBE, ACDBE and BEP certified law firm that provides assistance in areas of certification, infrastructure, communications, real estate and legislative initiatives. Irene Caminer, founder of Caminer Law, LLC, delivers sound, thoughtful, and thorough business advice, legal judgment, and management and support services regarding construction and infrastructure programs. Caminer Law, LLC serves individuals, businesses, organizations and government entities. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the water industry, Irene Caminer provides legal services related to infrastructure. Caminer Law, LLC’s services also include advising local governments in areas such as utility management, real estate, and construction. Irene is a tough and upstanding negotiator and advisor in areas such as contracts, real estate, and legislative and regulatory compliance matters. Through Caminer Law, LLC, Irene has broadened her infrastructure expertise to include the aviation and transportation industries.

In addition to legal services, Irene has project management and oversight experience ranging from overseeing the implementation of a billing and customer service system, metering program, and relocation, scheduling and workflow projects, to name a few. Please contact Irene for management consulting services related to aviation, water and wastewater utilities, stormwater management, infrastructure and organizations. Irene welcomes the opportunity to meet and talk through and work on the various milestones, phases and stages of a project to identify any potential obstacles, unanticipated consequences or surprises. Most importantly, Irene is available to discuss opportunities to improve communication, accountability, and transparency with stakeholders, elected officials, customers and others.


Caminer Law, LLC is the go-to law firm for municipal infrastructure and water and wastewater issues where organizational change internally and externally is necessary to achieve the intended outcomes. In particular, Irene is experienced in Lake Michigan water and allocation, rights of way, water quality, metering, Safe Drinking and Clean Water Acts, stormwater management policy, safety and security, environmental, and regulatory and legislative matters. This may include administrative, legislative and consumer communication and outreach after detailed planning across many sections within the organization. Irene Caminer has experience with organizational change. Whether relocating staff, instituting a legislative program, seeking rate increases, implementing capital plans and meter programs or upgrading antiquated processes, Irene Caminer has the skills necessary to advise and lead from idea through completion in a timely and efficient manner. 


Caminer Law, LLC provides sound, thoughtful and thorough business and legal judgment. Irene’s unique skills as both a lawyer and consultant set her apart from typical municipal focused law firms. Irene advises and works collaboratively on strategic solutions. Irene brings strong accountability measures to define and develop written policies, procedures and programs including personnel, ethics, operational, safety, security and other accountability initiatives. With strong analytical and writing skills Irene is available to assist in areas including water quantity and quality, environmental and regulatory compliance, litigation oversight, budget preparation, legislative review and analysis, business management and security.

MBE/WBE Certification Process

The volume of documentation required for any Minority, Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) application for certification is daunting and challenging. The documents are voluminous, and the process can be time consuming. For anyone not familiar with the City of Chicago’s (or other agencies’) on-line application process, the effort needed to follow-through on responding to the myriad of questions asked and documents requested can be all-consuming. 


For non-construction businesses, the City allows for an attorney to sign a Professional Declaration of Eligibility on behalf of a non-construction business/applicant seeking M/WBE certification. Without certification, the City takes months to process an application. With Irene's help, clients have been certified within weeks, giving them a leg up on the competition when submitting contract proposals.

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Other Legal Services

As the former in-house counsel to the Chicago Department of Water Management, Irene Caminer's legal expertise spans areas including the Safe Drinking and Clean Water Acts, USEPA and IEPA rules and regulations, water quantity and quality, wastewater, stormwater management, environmental and regulatory compliance, litigation oversight, project management, budget preparation, legislative review and analysis, safety and security. Irene is knowledgeable about the history of Lake Michigan water relating to Illinois and Chicago. Irene Caminer has championed infrastructure projects such as the MeterSave Program, which resulted in more than 100,000 meter installations, business process automation and improvements saving residents more than 50% on their water bills. 


Irene is available to assist with legal, legislative, policy and administrative questions or issues and creating a thoughtful, strategic approach to finding the appropriate resources and responses regardless of the magnitude of your issue.

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About Irene

With more than 30 years of government experience, including 20 years as  in-house counsel to the City of Chicago Department of Water Management, Irene brings executive advice, counsel and leadership direction to new projects and initiatives. As a senior advisor to the commissioner in one of the largest operating departments, Irene worked with all levels of government, creating and ensuring that the messaging was reliable, relatable, understandable and well-thought through, prioritizing the department’s budget, regulatory and legislative needs.


In addition, from 2006-2017, Irene served on the Board of Directors for the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies. On a more local level, Irene is active with the Illinois Section of the American Water Works Association. Irene is a member in good standing with the Illinois State Bar and received her JD from IIT Chicago Kent College of Law, Chicago, Illinois and her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.


Irene provides sound, thoughtful and thorough business and legal judgment, is a strategic thinker and well organized. Irene's goal is to make a difference, be efficient and work collaboratively to arrive at successful solutions. Irene knows that there is no simple solution for every situation. Irene is committed to providing a workable approach that meets the needs of the client and will help strengthen the organization.

Finally, Irene is active in her community. She regularly volunteers with social services organizations and served for approximately six years on the Board of Trustees, including the executive committee, for a non-profit organization.

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Recent Happenings
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Irene is a proud member of:

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March 2021 Irene Caminer leads a workshop on elevator pitches for Chicago Bunker Labs Cohort, a national nonprofit for veterans


February 2021 Irene Caminer presents on forming a company in Illinois to the United States of Women, Chicago Chapter 

October 2020 Irene Caminer delivers a presentation on certification at NAWBO Connect virtual gathering

April 2020 Irene Caminer publishes The Importance of Contract Preferences in Government Funded Projects with HACIA

January 2020 Caminer Law LLC recently joined Women in Transportation, Federal Bar Association, National Association of Women Business Owners, and Federation of Women in Construction

July 2019 Caminer Law LLC becomes a proud member of the ARAG attorney network and accepts ARAG plan members

July 2019 BEP certified by State of Illinois Central Management Services

May 2019 Caminer Law is ACDBE-certified

March 2019 ISAWWA WaterCon Women in Water, “May the (Work) Force Be With You Leading the Way”

December 2018 HACIA, FEJA Contractor Training class, St. Augustine, "Contract Basics"

October 2018 Caminer Law is DBE-certified

September 2018 ISAWWA Women in Water Webinar, “May the (Work) Force Be With You Leading the Way”


September 2018 New member of HACIA

March 2018 ISAWWA WaterCon 2018, Women in Water, “Goal setting, success mapping, & resource utilization for the successful leader”

What Others Say About Irene

Caminer Law, LLC relies on word of mouth and testimonials to obtain referral clients. 

INSPIRING TRUST may be Irene's greatest asset. She is honest. She is passionate. She is discrete. She cares. She is hardworking and is an advocate for the people and the causes in which she believes.

— Steve Silk

CEO, Spice Chain

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